TEL: 01733 567222 FAX: 01733 557070
 TEL:   01733 567222FAX: 01733 557070

repatriation services

We provide medical repatriation services to companies and private individuals.

Our staff are trained to accept patients from airfields or Helipads and are thoroughly experienced in airside transfers and collections including the additional health and safety measures included in this specialist intervention. With this experience and knowledge our APMS team can then be able to repatriate our clients to their chosen location

We have a highly experienced repatriation team of trained medical professional. APMS can provide paramedics, nurses, IHCD technicians’ or advanced first aiders depending on the nature of the repatriation.

We work with various assistance companies, Plane and Helicopter services ensuring thorough planning before and during transportation to ensure the correct vehicles and staff are allocated to maintain our excellence in patient care.

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