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aed knowledge course

APMS recognise that there has been a great increase in the number of Automated External Defibrillators; but yet people worry about the fact that they do not know how to use this piece of equipment. YES the equipment is automated, however for some, “feeling comfortable when using” a defibrillator seems to be a familiar comment.

Some of the facts.


“The resuscitation council uk advise “Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are designed to be used by members of the public, and are very effective at guiding the operator through the process of administering the shock.”


Users need not worry as they have become widely available, are safe and easy to use, and will not allow a shock to be given to a victim who does not require one.


However, the resuscitation council advise, that “despite having this reassurance, local communities still want to know (HOW TO USE THEM), AEDs have been used frequently by people with from all different backgrounds, and operators without formal training have successfully saved lives”.

“It is the view of the Resuscitation Council (UK) that the use of AEDs should NOT be restricted to trained personnel. Furthermore, the Resuscitation Council (UK) considers that it is inappropriate to display notices to the effect that only trained personnel should use the devices, or to restrict their use in other ways.


Such restrictions are against the interests of victims of cardiac arrest, and discourage the greater use of AEDs by members of the public who may be able to preserve life and assist victims of cardiac arrest. This confirms similar advice from the British Heart Foundation.”


(resuscitation council uk)

APMS have developed a short course covering (CPR) cardiopulmonary resuscitation, focusing on its vital role when discovering somebody requiring such intervention, (CPR will be commenced before a defibrillator id located and/or retrieved). Therefore, APMS along with sharing knowledge of an (AED), will show (ADULT CPR) along with the (AED) knowledge.


APMS would like to state that this course is NOT a first aid course, or any other accredited course involving first aid (at any level), this is a knowledge sharing exercise and is therefore not certificated, APMS reiterate, this is a knowledge and understanding course, with some practical elements relevant to (CPR & the AED) only.

Within this course APMS will demonstrate how to perform effective (CPR) utalising current resuscitation council guidelines, we will demonstrate this on a baby, infant/child and adult. You will be invited to take part in order to learn this technique.


Following the knowledge and understanding of (CPR) and skills, APMS will demonstrate with you, how an (AED) is fitted, how it works and what it does. (because of the nature of this device, we are only able to show you a training model), however, this will allow you to fully understand all steps required, and make you familiar/feel more at ease with the device/s and techniques.

APMS at no point recommend this course as a substitute for a suitable first aid course, within a workplace trained first aid staff are deemed mandatory by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), APMS reiterate that this course should be viewed more as knowledge and understanding, aimed at local communities who wish to know more about (CPR & AED’s ONLY), we in no way suggest or recommend that this course takes prevalence over a certificated first aid course (where this is required).


Further information regarding employment requirements can be viewed through the Resuscitation Council (UK’s) website or the HSE website, APMS also offer a range of FULL accredited emergency first aid courses.

Our course is approximately 1 hour long, with a minimum/maximum attendance, this is explained within the price plan below. All prices include VAT and full payment is required a minimum of 3 working days prior to the course date, should any of your allocated persons choose not to attend, the full price will remain unchanged (as detailed below a minimum & Maximum of 10 students is required for this course.



1-10 Students

EA @ £20.00



APMS will supply all necessary equipment to ensure that students are able to fulfil their training needs without compromise.


Out of county training may incur additional expenses for travel ad trainer accommodation, If you wish to discuss enrolment on this course in more detail please do not hesitate to call or email us at

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