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compliments & complaints

Making compliments

We live in a society where we are happy to complain and highlight where a service requires improvement, but little do we reward those who deserve praise.

If you feel our staff have gone the extra mile to provide you with an excellent service, letting us know could not be simpler.

Either send us an email with your information and experience to or send us a letter in the post.  You can even complete our patient satisfaction survey or the formal compliment document below.

Further contact details can be found on our

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raising a complaint

our complaints process

As an independent provider of care to patients we are defined as the ‘Responsible Body’ within the Health and Social Care Act Complaints Regulations.

We will therefore acknowledge receipt of your complaint, approach your concerns with sensitivity by ensuring transparency and be open and honest.

We aim to have a response to your complaint within 28 working days (as we will obtain additional information from staff and witnesses, including any further information we may require from yourself).

While handling your complaint APMS will focus on “what went wrong” and how we can get it right, we will continue to be patient focused, ensuring access to any communication support needs to help you communicate with us effectively.

We will be acting fairly and proportionately in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and our policies on Confidentially and Safeguarding of children and adults.


Where identified we will remain accountable, we will record, analyse and identify any trends, aiming to resolve your complaint but seek continuous improvement, and amend our working practices to improve our quality and service in order to deliver excellence in care.


If we have access to all necessary information we may be able to complete this process quicker. It is vital you utilise our comprehensive complaints and consent forms.

Naturally we will keep you informed of our progress throughout, and will contact you by your identified method of contact.

(If for any reason we are unable to complete our findings within our 28-day period you will be informed in advance, advised what stage we are at and what is causing delay in our response.)

Following completion, we will share our investigation which will detail what you can do next if you are dissatisfied with our outcome.

A complaint can come from any person or persons who use our service, however if you are raising a complaint on behalf of someone who has used our service we will require a consent form to be completed and sent with the complaint. This will allow us to fully disclose and discuss the complaint outcome.

Our Record of Complaint and Record of Consent forms can be downloaded from this website and emailed directly to

Raising a Formal Complaint
This document allows you to make a formal complaint regarding our service; it guides you through the necessary information to ensure you provide a detailed account of your concerns. The more information you provide at this stage will assist our operations team with any investigatory steps they may need to take. Included is a consent form if you are making a complaint on behalf of someone else as without this we may not be able to provide you directly with any outcomes we reach due to the Data Protection Act.
In order to make this process as easy as possible we have provided you with all required documentation. A thorough investigation can take up to 28 days, sometimes longer dependent upon the nature of the complaint, however our operations team will keep you up to date with progress.
record of complaint V2.pdf
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Patient Record of Consent.pdf
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Patient and third party Record of Consen[...]
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