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ambulance cleaning services

Our staff know that cleaning does not just begin and end with a vehicle,


WE SEE the checking processes undertaken by staff before leaving with a vehicle for the day, and their subsequent return and washing down.


WE SEE the effort all staff apply to their role to maintain effective infection prevention and control (IPC),





With the CARE QUALITY COMMISSIONS (CQC) enforcing strict requirements for cleanliness, knowledge of (IPC), Health and Safety (H&S), and effective recording. We understand that the cleaning and effective recording process associated to all vehicles and premises play just as much a role in the (CQC’s) overall inspection and their impact within their key line of enquiry’s (KLOE’s)


We appreciate the importance of maintaining confidentiality and security whilst on your premises, our staff hold current DBS checks, have received training regarding the importance of maintaining confidentiality and will discuss with you personally any additional security management measures you would like them to employ while on your premises.

From your office to training room and ambulance station, we have all aspects of your (stationary spaces) covered. We aim to give you peace of mind knowing your environment is clean, fresh and a delight to work in.


Our Ambulance and Vehicle cleaning service, our standard level of cleaning will ensure the eradication of contaminants of Tuberculosis (TB), C.Diff, Norovirus, E.coli, HIV or MRSA. Whether this be on a general clean or following conformation of a known patient or individual (with); Our chosen chemical range covers a multitude of different areas, but above all we provide pleasure in knowing that we effectively remove all harmful bacteria and viruses from your chosen area.


(Any chemicals we bring on to your premises will be accompanied by an individual COSHH sheet)


We are equipped with the latest cleaning technology, which enables us to provide you with an accurate record of cleaning, not only conformation of the areas we have tackled for you; however, upon your request we can provide bacterial swab results, both before and after our decontamination process.

Quotations are provided on an individualised basis, taking in to account a number of standard options and personal company requirements, we will discuss all viable options with you and make you aware of any areas that may cause a variation within the quotation process. Ideally where geographically possible we would make a site visit in order to carry out a risk assessment or discuss any alternatives.


Rest assured from beginning to end you will receive a High quality decontamination and full clarity and transparency from our team throughout.

Please feel free to complete the no obligation quotation form below, or contact us directly

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