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It is a long time since **** when J and a colleague picked my mum up from her Nursing home. I meant to write at the time.

I just want to say how helpful and efficient J and his work partner were. Mum had a good experience, both were caring & professional

Thank you.


Kind regards,





Good afternoon,

I would just like to make you aware that this morning two of your crew (J&S) came to John Van Geest Ward to transport a patient to PCH.

All the time they were here nothing was too much trouble for them, unfortunately we had to make them wait but not once did they complain. They were caring towards the patient and very professional.

Although we did thank them, I just want to make you aware.




Patient Discharge Tracker

Both ambulance crew were pleasant, helpful, kind and extremely professional; I was extremely well looked after. Staff treated me with dignity and respected my privacy, I felt complete confidence and comfort; while we were moving.



Good morning,

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how great your staff J&R were when they brought one of our residents’ home from hospital on Sunday 3/6/18. they were kind and compassionate and worked well with the staff to ensure this lady was safe and comfortable. Your team impressed the staff with their dedication and empathy, and I thought you really should be aware of what an asset they are to you.



Care Home Manager


I am writing to thank both you and your ambulance crew, C&S and for the wonderful care taken while delivering me home from Addenbrooke's Hospital on November 17 and again with D&S on November 27.

Throughout both trips home, I was made to feel comfortable and safe while being transported up steep narrow stairs in a carry chair. Each crew put much effort into making me feel confident and happy about being carried while my injured leg remained straight.

I hope that you will give my sincere thanks to all of them- I don't know where the world would be without the kindness of people such as your team.

Kindest regards,




I felt confident and comfortable during my journey, staff respected my privacy and dignity. Staff were well presented and despite the snowfall I felt safe at all times.


Thank You



Good evening,

Thank you for attending our event today, your professionalism was noted by our runners and our volunteers. The runner who you attended was very pleased with the level of service received and on behalf of our Club I would like to say a huge thank you for today.

As such we would like to enquire about booking you for our event next year?


Kind Regards,


Hello J&H,

I just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of me and my family for being so kind when collecting my Aunt from Addenbrookes and transporting her to Arthur Rank. My aunt died peacefully the following evening after all of her family had managed to visit and say goodbye, something which we could not do at Addenbrookes.

Your kindness was really appreciated.


Kind regards


I am just writing to thank you to your two female ambulance staff who took me home from Addenbrookes last Monday evening.

I have a severe spinal condition and I could not have wished for better caring and considerate care. They were wonderful even though they had had an extremely long, tiring and stressful day.

I could not have wished to have such dedicated staff. Please convey to them both my sincere best wishes and thanks.


 Kind Regards


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team who picked me up from hospital to bring me home - I was treated extremely well and safely. My complete hip replacement was not a problem to the two ambulance persons, they took every precaution to make my journey home in comfort and confidence. Please thank them on my behalf and carry on the wonderful work they do.



Hello there, I would like to put in a compliment about J & H, they were caring, kind and very welcoming. When I suffered a seizure, both made me feel safe, and reassured me with kindness.


Thank you


The reason I am sending this email to you is because it makes a refreshing change to come across a really lovely friendly crew who were willing to go above and beyond to make 2 of our discharges go ahead yesterday, so many times all we hear is complaints and this time I would like highlight the quality of the staff service and how well they team worked with us on JVG to ensure both patients went home, and all the time both patients were unaware.

Both patients discharged were end of life, if it had not been for the crew members being so accommodating both discharges would not have gone ahead; this would have had a huge impact not only to the patients but their families too.

Two access visits were made by ****** to one of the discharge destinations to avoid any problems, which we had highlighted; the crew had not been made aware of the problems by the other company therefore, they had to do another visit before taking the patient, nothing was too much trouble for them.

The second patient, Again the other company had not passed on information; however, the same crew helped assist us to take them home. Again, thanks to the crew.

I would appreciate it if you would pass my comments onto their manager.

Crew members names are N&A from APMS.


Many thanks,

Patient Discharge Tracker

Just a short note to

thank you for the support that

your paramedics provided for the

event and our medical team this year.


As I write we have had no significant incident


So the event has been a great success.


Event Organiser



Another lifesaving transfer

He said it was the most

comfortable yet.


Patient's Relative


Hello, my name is (Nurse) and I work on Ward 11 at the Leicester General Hospital. I wish to write about the wonderful service provided by the ambulance services of K and H, who brought a patient to the ward on **** for a clinic procedure. This patient was unexpected and thus we did not have bariatric equipment on hand. The success of the procedure's go-ahead was augmented by the exceptional assistance provided by both K and H, who alongside helping myself and other members of staff. They never left the patient alone and isolated. So, I wish to extend my greatest appreciation to both of them. I wish for them to be made aware of this, as they went above and beyond, and I hope they are aware of this and know how greatly appreciated it was.



Staff Nurse


I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone that was involved in the incident when my dad

suddenly collapsed........ within seconds we were surrounded by brilliant members of your staff and fabulous paramedics who all knew exactly what

they were doing and helped my dad immediately.


I just wanted to extend our gratitude to everyone who helped us, you were all fantastic and should be very proud of the fantastic work you all do.


Patient's Relative


I can't Thank you for

stepping into the breach last

Thursday night XXXX was so happy to be home.

It was a lifesaver and your staff

could not have been more helpful

or thoughtful.


Patient's Relative





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